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Emerald Salers

Salers Cattle are noted for their ease of calving and are often referred to as the 'Ultimate Suckler Cow'. The cows have the largest pelvic area of all beef breeds and the calves are born narrow but get up, suck and thrive very quickly.

The Emerald Salers Breed

Our first experience with the Salers breed was when we started using a Salers bull as a sweeper on our 120 cow dairy herd in 2005. Over the next few years their ease of calving was proven to us. All cows calved easily and mostly unassisted, which gave them a better chance of being up, back in milk and back in calf more quickly than if they had had a large calf.

The Emerald Salers Herd

The Emerald pedigree herd was started in 2005 when our first purchased heifer gave birth (unassisted of course) to a polled bull calf by Rigel Othello. This calf was so impressive as he grew, that we kept him as our stock sire. He was a large well fleshed bull with high growth rates and the added bonus of carrying the polled gene. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT OUR HERD HISTORY.